China is constructing a massive heliport at Golmud in northern Tibet, close to its border with India. The massive heliport, which is said to have 63 hangars, is thought to be one of China’s largest, even bigger than another facing the Taiwan Strait.

A network of smaller heliports is also being established in various parts of Tibet, including Rutog, Gerze, Nyima, and Seni. Though much smaller than the new base at Golmud, these are still substantial operations with around 18 hangars each.

China now has helicopters with more powerful engines and the ability to fly at higher altitudes, such as the Z-20. Helicopters require enormous amounts of power to operate in places like Ladakh, where even the valley floors are around 14,000 feet above sea level.

China is also expanding its air bases and road network in Ladakh, Aksai Chin, and throughout the Tibetan Plateau. It is even constructing better roads that will connect remote villages in Arunachal Pradesh, not far from the Sino-Indian border.