Chetak Corp, a distinguished unit of the Indian Army, has been chosen to represent the nation at the prestigious Cambrian Patrol 2023, showcasing India’s military prowess on an international platform. This selection recognizes Chetak Corp’s exceptional skills, professionalism, and dedication to upholding the highest standards of the Indian Army.

Cambrian Patrol is an annual international military exercise held in the rugged terrain of Wales, United Kingdom. It tests the mettle of participating teams through a series of physically and mentally demanding challenges, fostering camaraderie, endurance, and tactical expertise.

Chetak Corp, known for its exemplary performance and unwavering commitment, has earned the privilege of representing the Indian Army at this esteemed event. The selection process involved rigorous evaluations, considering factors such as combat skills, leadership capabilities, and overall operational excellence.

By participating in Cambrian Patrol, Chetak Corp will have the opportunity to showcase the Indian Army’s capabilities, professionalism, and adaptability on a global stage. This platform allows for the exchange of knowledge and experience with participating teams from different nations, contributing to enhanced military cooperation and understanding.