CPM politburo member S Ramachandran Pillai said that the central government is doing in Kashmir what Israel is doing in Palestine. Speaking while inaugurating the district meet of the CPM here at the Town Hall on Thursday, Pillai said that people from other religions are being sent there to change the composition of the Muslim majority population.

He also said that Kashmir was made a Union territory without even holding discussion anywhere. The minister took out a piece of paper from his pocket to announce that the state is being divided. Pillai said that such acts will ruin democracy.

He also slammed the Congress party making it clear that the party is not capable of taking on the BJP. The party which is dominated by a family is controlled by the trio-Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka. There is no democracy within that party, he said.

He also opined that regional parties should unite against the BJP. Several regional parties have taken an anti-BJP stand. Sivasena and Akalidal had severed ties with the BJP to shift to its opposition, he said. Pillai also criticized the propaganda against China. He opined that such propaganda is aimed at attacking the CPM. “The party has faced this attack earlier also. When America and other countries are attacking China, they are using India also for that. America is troubled by the progress made by China. The contribution of China in eradicating poverty in the world is 70pc while India’s contribution in increasing poverty in the world is 60pc,” he said.

Pillai also criticised the governors saying that governors of many states are acting as the propagandists of the RSS.