Image courtesy @ Vayu Aerospace Review

India’s first-ever semi-stealth Unmanned Wingman drone called ‘Warrior’ that has been showcased at Aero India 2021, now was pictured along with NG-CCM (Next Generation Close combat missile ) aka ASRAAM a short-range air to air missile that is developed by MBDA and locally assembled by BEL in the country to be used for self-protection or act as cover for the Tejas MAX that will be used as command aircraft for the Multiple Warriors in an operation.

Twin-Engine, Warrior Unmanned Wingman drone’s primary role will be to facilitate in strike mission over highly defended airspace while a Tejas MAX keeps a careful watch over them and the whole operation even guiding them while staying behind the scenes. Warrior project will maximize the effectiveness of every mission, while also reducing the potential of losing the lives of pilots since they would be accompanied by the drones which are supposed to protect them.

Few Warrior drones will be able to carry Two NG-CCM aka ASRAAM missiles under their wing while other Warrior drones that are part of the Strike package will be armed with SAAW missile in its internal bay to carry out effective ground strikes using its low observable characters to evade enemy radars. Warrior drones armed with short-range air to air missiles will be able to provide cover for the strike package and also to the manned command aircraft.

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