Indonesia had to abandon its plans to purchase Sukhoi Su-35 ‘Flanker-E’ multirole combat aircraft from Russia and go for the Rafale jets from France due to fears of American sanctions on the country. Indonesia is not alone many countries are having second thoughts of buying Russian and Chinese jets just not to upset Americans and with Russian troop build-up near Ukraine that might ultimately lead to border clashes, Russian weapons companies might face more restrictions in near future.

The export of fighter jets will put many more countries in a spot as many traditional allies of Russia will be wary of choosing a side and many might resort to buying from countries like France, Britain, or India to meet their fighter and trainer jet requirements.

India has developed Basic Trainer aircraft and also a light jet trainer and also has been offering its Light combat aircraft and in near future will also be keen to offer its Medium-weight Tejas Mk2 and AMCA stealth fighter jets to countries who will be keen to procure cheap jets with a Western grade of avionics without breaking the bank.

Recent tussle between the United States and Russia and China backing Russia allows India to market its LCA at the International events as seen of late and also increases its chances at the Malaysian tender that is at an advanced stage with LCA leading the race. India does badly needs an Export agency that will be independent of state-owned PSUs to promote and handle export clients on behalf of the Government and PSUs and works with independent contractors and pr agencies to promote and sell Indian-made jets like LCA abroad.

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