The Border Security Force has deployed anti-drone guns in the Punjab region of India and Jammu intending to detect and stop drones nearing the border. There have been at least 200 sightings of drones in the past two years.

Border security Force is procuring both handheld and mobile guns that can be fixed on a vehicle roof that are currently being tested. The National Technical Research Organisation is currently studying the frequency drones use to contact their controllers so they can be jammed.

Last year, 97 drones were spotted near the border with Pakistan. In the first seven months of this year alone, 107 drones have been spotted near the borders of the Punjab and Jammu regions.

At least 14 times, the drones crossed into Indian territory in the Jammu region between January and July of 2018. Seven out of these 97 sightings were shot down by the Border Security Force (BSF) in Punjab. These known drone sightings constitute only a fraction of the number of present drones in India’s airspace.

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