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TATA’s Kestrel with 120 mm system

The Brazilian Army has selected the Centauro II 120 mm system made by Iveco–Oto Melara for its requirements. In mid of this year, the Brazilian Army Logistic Command issued a Request for Proposal for an 8×8 armored car armed with a 105 or 120 mm gun. TATA-DRDO developed Kestrel was offered to the Brazilian Army.

Brazilian Army announced that Eitan, Kestrel, and Wahash FSV vehicles respectively were disqualified because it was considered a prototype or belonged to a pilot batch indicating it was not widely accepted by any other operator.

A variant of the Kestrel, known as IPMV (Infantry Protected Mobility Vehicle) has been inducted into the Indian Army but one with a 105 or 120 mm gun is still at the Prototype stage since the Indian Army has not procured them yet.

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