The government of Brazil has expressed interest in the BrahMos-NG (New Generation) from India, which is a shorter and lighter version of the framed Indo-Russian ramjet supersonic cruise missile currently under development and to be tested by 2024. BrahMos-NG has been found a suitable choice for Brazil’s Gripen-E fighter jet supplied by SAAB Company and also for its nuclear-powered general-purpose attack submarine or SSN to be equipped with cruise missile systems which Brazil is building with France.

BrahMos-NG weighs 1.5 tones and has a length of 6 meters which can be equipped on almost all the fighter jets which the Indian Air force Operates including smaller jets like Tejas Mk1A. BrahMos-NG has the same Supersonic Mach 3 speed and range of 290km as its predecessor but with half its weight that has seen a growing interest for this missile from countries in South America including Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Venezuela.

BrahMos Chief Dr. Sudhir Kumar Mishra has confirmed that feasibility studies and engineering analysis for the development of BrahMos-NG have been completed and the missile can be ready for developmental trials in the next 4 years once cleared by IAF which is the lead customer for this particular missile type.

Mishra also confirmed that BrahMos-NG has been found understudies perfect to be deployed on Sukhoi-30MKI, Tejas Mk1A, MK-II & AMCA. The current Generation of BrahMos is enjoying a range boost after India entered into the MTCR regime due to which 400km range BrahMos variant was recently tested and 800km range BrahMos is in development for 2021. BrahMos-NG capped range might have not found backers in Navy while only IAF seems to have shown some interest in the program.

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