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BrahMos Aerospace has commenced work on the development of a smaller, lighter BrahMos NG that will commence developmental trials from 2024 onwards and will have a 3.5 Mach speed.

Air-Launched BrahMos NG will be the first to be developed and has been told at DefExpo 2022 that BrahMos NG will be compatible with all fighter jets in IAF inventory and will have capabilities to take out targets at land and sea with pinpoint accuracy.

BrahMos NG will be the only Air Launched Cruise Missile that has 3.5 Mach speed but won’t require any modification to the existing fighter jet airframe, unlike its older sibling BrahMos-A which requires hardening of structures. India already has received inquiries from many countries regarding BrahMos NG and BrahMos Aerospace officials are confident that it will be able to corner large chuck of the export market as soon as its new manufacturing facility in Uttar Pradesh becomes operational.

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