Later this month, a large official and business delegation is heading to the South American nation Brazil to explore the possibilities of joint production and joint development of various defense weapons and platforms. Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has recently started taking deliveries of the Gripen E fighters from Swedish firm Saab and is keen on having talks with India’s DRDO on the possibility of it acquiring BrahMos-NG (New Generation) version of the short-range ramjet supersonic cruise missile that is under development for the LCA-Tejas Mk1A and Mk2 program.

Atul Dinkar Rane DG BrahMos DRDO & CEO & MD BrahMos had confirmed that several countries from the region have sought more information about the Indo-Russian BrahMos missile and Brazil seems to be interested in the BrahMos-NG that DRDO plans to start developmental trials from 2024 onwards.

Indian Air Force-backed BrahMos-NG program will be used to be equipped across the fighter fleet since it weighs only 1.5 tons and LCA-Tejas Mk1A can carry two of BrahMos-NG that can be used to take out targets on sea and ground.

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