International nuclear watchdog IAEA,said the recent misfire of a BrahMos missile was not cause for “specific concern,” and that the incident raised no questions about the safety of nuclear weapons or material in India.

The Indian Express who spoke to Rafael Mariano Grossi, the director general of International Atomic Energy Agency said, that no formal investigation into the incident was launched nor were any details of the incident was requested by the IAEA from India. Pakistan had claimed that Brahmos was nuclear capable and had asked for a Joint probe into the BrahMos misfire incident even when it was established that BrahMos cant carries nuclear weapons and BrahMos that penetrated 124km inside Pakistan was a Training round that was not armed.

Pakistan has been using fake news reports and claiming that uranium is sold openly in India by smugglers to put pressure on IAEA that India is not a responsible nuclear power but it has failed to get any attention from IAEA and Western Democracies who are well versed with the Pakistan’s AQ Khan Nuclear Smuggling ring that was based on evidence, not on some fake newspaper reports.