In a clockwise direction, India conducted 12 tests of the BrahMos Supersonic cruise missile in 2022, including one accidental launch into Pakistan. BrahMos, which was first tested in 2001, is receiving incremental improvements to its range and performance, as a result of which revalidation trials have begun in 2022.

India has tested the BrahMos-ER missile, which has a 450km range, and plans are in the works to develop an 800km BrahMos-ER missile with a speed increase from Mach 2.9 to Mach 4.5 in the coming years.

The accidental launch of a training round of BrahMos Cruise missile 124+ kilometers inside Pakistan without being intercepted, and Pakistan Air Defence Radars being completely unaware of its launch and origin point, confirms that even after 20 years, the missile system cannot be beaten by any air defence system, nor is it easy to track when travelling at such high speeds.

In 2020, the missile system achieved two major milestones: first, it received export orders from the Philippines, making it the missile system’s second customer after India, and second, the Indian Air Force operationalized its BrahMos-A, an Air Launched Cruise Missile variant, from its Su-30MKI aircraft in southern India, providing much-needed anti-ship firepower against the growing threat of the Chinese navy.