BrahMos Corporation has confirmed what was told in defense community in India that the company has been tasked to develop a revolutionary new air to air missile based on the framed Supersonic BrahMos while retaining a 500km engagement range to protect Indian airspace from all enemy aircraft specifically large enemy support aircraft such as tankers, command centers and AWACS platforms which usually fly well within their own air space.

BrahMos – AWACS killer is India’s attempt to denying hostile powers the use of force-multiplying support platforms such as AWACS systems when conducting air attacks close or inside Indian air space.

As per OSNIT Data Assessment of IAF vs PAF engagement on the 27th February 2019, Two PAF’s Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C was flying within its airspace providing crucial Radar picture of the whole situation to the 12 forward F-16 aircraft which were deployed to provide crucial air escort to the 8 Mirage-III/V Strike package along with 8 JF-17s which were kept as secondary backup.

One Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C was flying close to Islamabad Capital Territory and the second one which was flying north of Sargodha was the which was providing crucial inputs to the 4 F-16 fleets which in their failed attempt fired a salvo of 3 AIM-120-C5 BVRAAMs at the Su-30MK1 with Call sign: Avenger-1″ and one at the Wingman of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman and one on the Mig-21Bis flown by him which brought his aircraft down over POK.

OSNIT Data Assessment shows that both Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C was flying at least 300km away from the forward air escort led by F-16s literally without relying on any fighter support since PAF knew IAF has no longe ranged air to air missile to take them out.

But the situation is about to change now and according to media reports, BrahMos Corporation will be testing new BrahMos with new an enhanced active radar for terminal homing when it is 40-50km close to its target and will use inertial navigation along with possible Link 16 datalink input from the launch aircraft that’s Su-30MKI but since N011M Radar has a 400 km search range, it will likely get additional inputs midway from other aircraft or multifunction ground-based radars.

BrahMos – AWACS killer will be heavily specialised to take out a high-value target like slow-moving turboprop aircraft with big Radar Cross Section (RCS) but it will lack the accuracy to target lighter and more maneuverable targets such as fighter jets.

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