In an exclusive interview with, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Mishra, CEO & MD, BrahMos Aerospace has made an interesting revelation, that the Hypersonic version of the BrahMos-2 will be based on the Scramjet Propulsion System developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation when it is ready to be incorporated into the BrahMos-2 airframe.

BrahMos-2, a Hypersonic Cruise missile was to be based on Indo-Russian technology like how the present, BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missiles that were developed from 2001 have been. Indigenous Indian content in a BrahMos missile over the years has now moved to 65%, but it still has 35% Russian content like its Mach 3 capable ramjet engine that is license manufactured in India with Russian RAW Materials.

Initially, RF monopulse seeker equipped on the Brahmos production units, along with the second stage Scramjet engine and first stage Booster rocket was of Russian Origin. But in new fresh trials, BrahMos featured indigenous booster, indigenous radio frequency (RF) seeker, and several indigenous sub-systems that will be cleared in production units once they are tested and certified in near future.

Like How, the Russian 3M55 P-800 Oniks (Onyx) anti-ship missile, was used as a technical base upon which BrahMos missile was developed, BrahMos-2 was seen as a Russian 3M22 Zircon missile derivative, upon which it was to be used as a technical base again for the development of the new Hypersonic cruise missile and also Mockups of the BrahMos-2 displayed by BrahMos Aerospace was near identical to 3M22 Zircon missile and both missile also shared many similarities. was one of the first to confirm the development of two variants of BrahMos-2 missile that will be achieved by further development of the present ramjet engine to achieve a Mach 4.5-5 speed keeping it technically just under Hypersonic flight regime, while the second variant will have Hypersonic speeds of over Mach 7 and will be powered by a new scramjet engine to be developed by 2030.

There has been media speculation that Russia has been non-committal on the transfer of transfer Hypersonic weapons systems like 3M22 Zircon missile derivatives or its scramjet engine to India after, Several think tanks and Military planners have been urging the United States, Russia, and China (the Big Three) to take their first mover’s advantage and put in technical barriers by agreeing to embargo complete hypersonic missiles and their major components to other countries.

BrahMos-2 if it is powered by an indigenous Scramjet Propulsion System developed by the DRDO will mean a smaller role of Russia in its development or it will be limited to a few subsystems or Russia will completely exit from the program.

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