BotLab Dynamics, a startup incubated at IIT Delhi, has been working swarm drone system for the last 5 years and has submitted a proposal that could be a path-breaking in the swarm drone warfare system in the world where 3500 drones will coordinate and perform the task at hand powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that can be used in both offensive and defensive operations.

Indian Army officially has acknowledged that Swarm Drones are niche and disruptive technology, that will provide an edge to the Indian Army in meeting future security challenges. Indian Army already has procured Swarm Drones from two Indian start-up companies and is keen on procuring more since it believes swarm drones have the potency of this niche technology to be a Force Multiplier in military operations.

BotLab Dynamics officials had claimed after the 3500 swarm drone system is developed, the company is planning to develop a 7500 swarm drone system that will put India into the top two countries with such capabilities. BotLab Dynamics also has submitted proposals to the Indian Army for developing unique systems like disposable drones that can be used for quick surveillance by special forces.

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