Kibithu the last village on the Indo-Tibet border in Arunachal Pradesh, has received 4G mobile connectivity on Saturday after Airtel successfully commissioned 4G network connectivity, providing seamless connectivity to the citizens of the hamlet.

The village is situated in Anjaw district of the state and is nearly 70 km north of the district headquarters Hawai.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu said that it’s a giant step aimed at providing seamless connectivity to the people.

Taking to Twitter, Khandu said, “It’s not a simple phone or video call but a giant step aimed at providing seamless connectivity to the people of the first village of India – Kibithoo.” “Heartening that the 4G network has been commissioned at Kibithoo – under the Universal Service Funded Scheme,” Khandu added.

The chief minister said that he is in Gujarat and is able to talk with the people of Kibithoo which was once called a ‘remote’ village.

“Today I am sitting in Gujarat and my people of once a ‘remote’ village are talking to me with ease. Feeling great, indeed!” Khandu tweeted.

“This is a giant step towards ensuring seamless connectivity to border villages that will create opportunities for the people by facilitating them access to information,” he added.

Local MLA Dasanglu Pul said that it was a long-felt dream of the people of the village under her constituency.