Steve Parker, vice president, and general manager of the Bombers & Fighters division within Boeing Defense, Space & Security has confirmed that F-15EX, an upgraded and modernized version of the fourth-generation F-15EX would likely meet, or even come in below the expected $80 million unit price, despite ongoing problems with supply chains and inflation that have recently driven up prices of everything in the defense industry.

The price the US Defense Department errantly quotes for the flyaway unit cost of the F15EX is $87.9 million with a $29,000 per hour flying cost. It’s not clear if Boeing’s latest price reveals is to beat the flyaway unit cost of F-35A which is now below $80 million.

Rafale was procured by India at a flyaway unit cost of $120 million with Per hour flight cost of Rafale being near about $18000-$21000. Boeing’s Quoted price is for the flyaway unit but actually, the unit cost will be around $98 to $110 million per aircraft after factoring in weaponry and other components, and when the same is factored in for the Rafale for India breached $220 million per aircraft.

Boeing has confirmed its plans to submit its F-15EX Eagle-II fighter aircraft for the Indian Air Force’s Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft (MRFA) competition, later this year or next when IAF issued a Request for Proposal (RFP).

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