Desi P-8 aircraft equipped with DRDO developed Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft (MMMA) suite or Desi E-7A aircraft equipped with DRDO developed Netra suite might become a reality if India agrees to the latest offers made by the Boeing that could make Boeing’s 737 Next-Generation aircraft to be used as platform based on which maritime patrol aircraft and airborne early warning and control aircraft could be developed with Indian sensor and avionics package.

With a big push to Make in India projects, most of the big-ticket programs in the country now will be given to Indian public and private sector companies and Boeing is keen to secure further orders from the Indian market for its product line, and informed sources close to have said that intense rivalry between Boeing and Airbus in India has erupted as HAL and IAI of Israel have signed contracts to convert civilian Boeing 767 passenger jet into inflight refueling aircraft for the air force, Airbus is keen to secure modification contract for Six Ex-Air India Airbus-A321 to be used for the Netra Mk2 program and Netra Mk3 (AWACS INDIA) Program.

Industrial sources close to said that Boeing is keen to make further gains it made with the sale of 12 P-8I aircraft to the Indian Navy that was based on its 737 platforms. Both Boeing and Airbus have estimated that both the Air force and Navy may be looking at procuring 20+ platforms to be used for either FRA, AWACS, or MMMA platforms.

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