Kalyani Group developed Bharat 52 155 mm/52 caliber towed guns have been granted export license by the Indian Government along with its ultra-light mobile 105mm field gun Garuda-105 guns said latest media report. Kalyani Strategic Systems Ltd (KSSL) sometime in last year had approached Government of India to grant its Internally developed 155 mm/52 calibers towed gun for export permission so that it can be available for evaluations and trials for prospective customers. previously had reported on this development (Bharat 52 towed gun likely to get Export clearance soon ), Industrial sources close to have confirmed that Bharat-52, a 52 caliber variant of the 155mm howitzer had generated a lot of interests among prospective buyers when it was displayed at DefExpo 2018 from Asian and African military officials who had participated in the event.

Bharat-52 is an updated and modern variant of the GC-45 155 mm howitzer developed by Noricum, the arms division of the Austrian steel company Voest-Alpine which few years ago was purchased by Kalyani Group and the entire manufacturing workshop was transferred to India. GC-45 howitzer is still actively used by over 16 countries in its original or its license variants and many current operators are interested in procurement of upgraded variations from Kalyani Group, including up-gradation of older original gun.

Indian Army back home has not shown any interests in Bharat-52 or the Garuda,105 mm but state-owned DRDO has joined hands with Kalyani group and Tata Defence to jointly develop  Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) which Indian Army plans to procure in near future along with Dhanush Artillery Guns developed by OFB.

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