According to Bhutan’s Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji, the country is close to resolving its border dispute with China. Despite having a cordial relationship, the border in the north remains undemarcated, and the two nations have had 24 rounds of talks to resolve the issue, with expert group meetings still ongoing. Dorji expressed hope that the dispute would be resolved soon, especially since they had signed a three-step approach to tackle the problem the previous year.

He also stated that there is peace and tranquility along the border, and that the demarcation of the border would happen soon.

Furthermore, Dorji mentioned that the Chinese have always respected Bhutanese territory, and that there have been no instances of them encroaching on Bhutanese land. On the other hand, India and Bhutan are the only two neighboring countries that have yet to finalize their boundaries, and two recent talks between the Indian and Chinese Foreign Ministers had made no headway on the border dispute.

This is in contrast to China’s other 12 land neighbors who have already settled their boundaries. India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has referred to the ties between the two countries as “abnormal.”