Chairman and managing director Baba Kalyani of Bharat Forge speaking in an interview with Sansad TV for the first time revealed that the company is working to develop a rocket-assisted projectile (RAP) artillery round for 155-millimeter cannon that can take out targets at 120 kilometers away.

Kalyani claimed Bharat Forge is doing in-house design of this artillery round that is incorporated with a rocket motor for independent propulsion to give the projectiles greater speed and range than a non-assisted ballistic shell.

The United States Army under its Extended Range Cannon Artillery program (ERCA) has tested a new version of a rocket-assisted projectile (RAP) round that has shot out to 62 kilometers, but developers are working to further improve it to 70km. If Bharat Forge manages to hit a 120km target at near precision strike capability this will turn conventional artillery rounds into “smart” munitions with near-precision accuracy.

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