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Newspace Research And Technologies, a Bengaluru-based company, has been granted an Indian patent for an innovative AI system designed to manage heterogeneous swarms of robots. This technology has the potential to revolutionize various fields, from search and rescue to industrial automation.

The system acts as a central hub, receiving commands from a human operator via a user interface. These commands can be high-level instructions specifying tasks, targets, and desired outcomes. The AI system doesn’t operate in a vacuum. It considers predefined information about each robot in the swarm, including its capabilities (payload type, sensors, speed, etc.) This ensures tasks are assigned to robots best suited for the job.

Sensors on the robots capture vital data about their position, surroundings (including images and videos of targets and other robots), and even audio from the environment. This real-time information feeds into the AI’s decision-making process.

The AI system doesn’t directly control each robot. Instead, it broadcasts the robots’ capabilities and captured data to the entire swarm. Each robot then leverages this collective knowledge and a built-in AI model to determine its role and actions within the mission.

The AI system excels at task allocation. It considers factors like target parameters, predefined allocation information, and emergency commands to distribute tasks efficiently across the swarm. It can even optimize the overall plan based on real-time feedback from the robots.

The system boasts additional functionalities. It can create virtual simulations to test robot behavior and train the AI model. Furthermore, it allows live monitoring of the robots’ health, tasks completed, and surrounding environment through a user interface accessible on various devices.

This AI-powered robot swarm management system has far-reaching applications. It can be used for:

  • Search and rescue operations in disaster zones
  • Industrial inspections in hazardous environments
  • Surveillance and monitoring tasks
  • Precision agriculture and resource management

Newspace’s invention marks a significant leap forward in robot swarm technology. By enabling intelligent collaboration and efficient task allocation, this AI system paves the way for a future where robots play an even greater role in various sectors.