BEML has started process to manufacture the next-gen Tatra T815 27ET96 28 300 8×8 terrain vehicle that will feature a new armored driver cabin that will provide bullet and blast-proof protection to the crew that will feature DRDO-TATA/Kalyani developed 155mm/52cal caliber gun system that will be mounted on Truck.

Unlike towed artillery which has to be hauled into the battlefield by multi-wheeled trucks, MGS are guns mounted on a high-mobility truck that are cheaper to build and easier to maintain with greater mobility. New High Mobility Vehicle 8×8 will be powered by an uprated Bharat Stage IV (Euro-IV) compliant T3D-928-70, 8-Cylinder Air-cooled, 4-Stroke, Diesel engine.

A new armored driver cabin will consist of the driver (operates the hydraulic stabilizers) and commander sitting in the front cabin, the gunner (aims the gun and opens fire), and the loader operator (selects the appropriate amount of powder charges). 155mm/52cal caliber MGS will feature an autoloader that can load a shell and a cartridge at any elevation of the barrel.

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