1500HP Bharat Power pack

Indian Public Sector Undertaking, Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) has inaugurated the Engine Design and Developmental Center in its existing facility in Mysore in the State of Karnata that will be involved in further development of 1500HP Bharat Power pack engines that Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE) has developed for ext Generation Main Battle Tank (NGMBT) program.

The facility will also be used to manufacture Bharat Power pack engines when it enters production as it currently undergoing internal developmental trials onboard an Arjun Mk1 tank. 1500 HP Bharat Power Pack is under development as a national mission mode project involving DRDO and industry will power the NGMBT.

Bharat power pack is a compact, light, efficient, state-of-the-art, purpose-built diesel engine that runs on DHPP high-speed diesel ‘A with 50 ppm (BS-IV) that allows it to operate at altitudes of up to 16,400 ft and temperatures as low as -20° Celsius and as high as 52° Celsius. Bharat power pack with ECU changes can also be used on the amphibious vehicle and can also be adapted to power the next-generation infantry fighting vehicle.

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