Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has offered to export its RAWL-03, L-Band 3D Air Surveillance Radar with an instrumentation range of 400km has been offered to the export market. RAWL-03 developed by BEL and Swedish SAAB has exhibited an interest from international clients include France, Germany, the UK, Canada, Sweden, and developing markets in Africa and South America.

RAWL-03 can be used to detect air targets that include missiles, helicopters, and aircraft and primarily can be used on warships and also can be accommodated on wheeled vehicles for detection and tracking of Sea Surface and air targets.

RAWL-03 weighs 4 tons and uses GaN TR Module technology and incorporates the latest Signal Processing techniques. Work on RAWL-03 begin in 2015 and it took two years to develop the radar. BEL has developed 3 subsystems for the program.

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