IMAGE CREDIT Varun Kashyap

State-owned Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) that is participating in the ongoing Dubai Air show 2021 has showcased an Armed Quadcopter Drone developed by the company that can be used as part of a small flock of the swarm drone to carry out saturated strikes over ground targets. Drone has a 45 min hover time with no payload and 32 min of hover time with payload of 1.5kg. Drone has empty weight of 16.5kg and has max take off weight of 17kg.

Quadcopter Drone can be seen with a 1kg class bomb that has a 730gms controlled fragmentation warhead with impact based activation. Drone can also be armed with 1.5kg lightweight precision-guided Missile that has a range of 1km along with mid-course with MEMS-IMU or Terminal with semi active laser homing guidance system . Missile has 300gm anti-personal anti material multi-purpose (HEAT+HEF) warhead that can strike troops concentration or light vehicles.

India has been rapidly developing this technology during the last One and a half years, taking a significant step last month when the Indian Army placed orders with two Indian start-ups worth crores. India is also reportedly planning to develop the capability of launching combat drones from the bay of a manned aircraft to saturate enemy air defenses, allowing the manned aircraft to penetrate enemy territory.

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