Public-sector company Bharat Dynamics Limited is showcasing an armed Quadcopter at the ongoing Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022 that is being held in New Delhi. The quadcopter is Capable of carrying a variety of payloads, the quadcopter can be used for a wide range of military and tactical missions, including intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, detection, and tracking of ground targets.

The quadcopter can be armed with an Anti-Armour missile that has a range of 1km or with the Quadcopter launched a 1kg or 3.5kg class bomb to target areas that have enemy troop concentration or soft-skinned vehicles.

The quadcopter system comprises an unmanned rotorcraft, autopilot, ground control unit, and payloads. Carbon fiber composites are used in the construction of the rotorcraft that employs a coaxial rotor configuration with four rotors. The drone’s VTOL capability allows it to take off and land vertically and weighs just 4.5kg and can reach a flight altitude of 1500 m.

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