State-owned Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) in its 52nd Annual report for 2021-22 has confirmed that it got a production order for Endo interceptor missile (AAD) and Exo interceptor missile (PDV) that are part of India’s Ballistic Missile Defence Program (Phase-I). In our 2020 report, mentioned that deployment of the Phase-I of India’s BMD will commence from 2022-23 onwards and it seems the program is running as per schedule.

Last year Satellite imaginary confirmed construction that is underway at two sites in Rajasthan that will house Multifunction fire-control radar (MFCR) and L-band long-range tracking radar (LRTR) to provide cover for the Delhi-NCR region in the first phase and the second phase will see more MFCR and LRTR sites in Madhya Pradesh to provide BMD cover for the Mumbai region.

DRDO officially has not confirmed this development but the BMD Phase-I program now stands complete and now DRDO has started work on the development of AD1 and AD2 next-gen interceptor missiles as part of the Phase-II program under which it will be able to take down hostile ballistic missiles over a range of 1500km and 3000km.

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