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Following allegations of India’s interference in the internal politics of Bangladesh, opposition party BNP has started ‘Boycott India’ campaign on social media at the beginning of the year. In response, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that if BNP leaders really boycotted Indian products, they would burn the Indian sarees of their wives.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently criticized the country’s opposition party – BNP – for running a campaign against Indian products. During a speech on Wednesday, Hasina said, “BNP leaders are advocating boycott of Indian products. My question is – how many Indian sarees do the wives of the boycott campaigners have? Why don’t they take sarees from their wives and burn them?”

Along with this, he targeted BNP over the prevalence of Indian spices in Bangladesh and said that they should answer whether they can eat without Indian spices. I want to know whether they have really boycotted Indian products. In response to this, senior joint general secretary of BNP said that BNP leaders generally do not buy Indian sarees. He said that his maternal uncle had gifted an Indian saree to his wife during his visit to India long ago.

Earlier this year, a poster of an exiled blogger surfaced on Twitter that read, “Boycott Indian products.” After this, this campaign gained momentum on social media. This campaign was started to protest against India’s alleged interference in the internal politics of Bangladesh.