A Top Emirati security official, known for making controversial and eye-catching Anti-Pakistani remarks on wide-ranging issues, took to Twitter Poll and wrote in Arabic: ” Baloch are supposed to given missiles to defend themselves ” Yes or No.

Lt Gen Dhahi Khalfan, who is the head of general security of Dubai, in 2018 had created a major controversy when he tweeted “The Pakistanis pose a serious threat to the Gulf communities for the drugs they bring with them to our countries.” and asked fellow emirates “not to employ Pakistanis”. The security official, who was the head of Dubai Police Force until 2013, termed it a “national duty to stop hiring Pakistanis”.

He also wrote, “Why are the Indians disciplined while disruption, crime, and smuggling are prevalent in the Pakistani community?”. Pakistan jobseekers are already facing a visa ban from the United Arab Emirates due to the establishment of diplomatic relationships between Israel and the UAE due to which Pakistani Visitor visas were suspended fearing attacks on Jews.

As per Emirate media, nearly 2 lacs Israeli Travelers have visited the Gulf country in the last few months and fearing attacks on Israeli tourists by Pakistani Islamic radicals, a visa ban was enforced. Pakistani ex-pats in UAE have complained that Baluch and Pakistani are being treated as separate countries by UAE government Officials and often Baloch and Pakistanis in security checks are made to stand in different lines as if they are from different countries.

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