Pakistan’s powerful army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa recently had one to one meeting with about 30-35 prominent media personalities of Pakistan and in an off-record, conversation, that confirmed backchannel talks with India over Kashmir that was been held between the Country’s Intelligence services. many leaks were happening in the Pakistani media spear for a while now and Bajwa had to call in a secret meeting just to confirm it. got in touch with some of the Pakistani media personalities and were confirmed that the one to one meeting went on for several hours and basically, the idea that they got from the Bajwa was that Pakistani media needs to tone down its Kashmir rhetoric and Indian bashing for full-fledged talks to begin and its time Kashmir is put on the backburner for a while so that economic conditions of the country can be tackled.

Negotiation with India is now to secure a deal for restoration of Article 35A or a similar law that will restrict demography change of the Kashmir Valley, while Article 370 dealt with the autonomy of the formerly state of Jammu and Kashmir that demand is now dropped as confirmed by the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi. Bajwa is asking for some face-saver deal on domicile rules with India, but India is not keen on any deal that will prevent citizenship to Indians settled in Kashmir Valley.

Growing disenchantments in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) over the geo-strategic Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) being declared its 5th province despite India’s protests, is not going on smoothly as planned by the Imran-Bajwa duo after it encountered a high level of resistance in POK leadership that is mainly controlled by the opposition parties. Bajwa feels that this situation might explode soon and even after being announced for a while now, opposition parties have failed to come together on this proposition on the Gilgit-Baltistan status. any unrest in PoK or GB will suit India and which might see India intervention in this areas which Pakistani Military wants to avoid at all cost, even if it means it has to accept the realities of the Indian side of the Kashmir, that is now annexed fully by India and it can’t do anything unless it can prepare for 5th war with India, that already has been ruled out by both political and military establishment in the country. was told that even the core commanders and other senior ranked Pakistani army officials have finally come on board with Bajwa’s Kashmir’s backburner plan so that plan of action continues even when he retires after his second tenure ends in 2023. While Pakistani media will continue to report that India has been told that it has to restore Article 35A for talks to happen but the actual deal might take place in sir creek and other areas in the coming months to smoothen out the impact so that it doesn’t face any backlash and protest from Islamic parties on Kashmir issue. was told that Bajwa spoke about a 20-year truce that will be required to bring out Pakistan from the economic mess, especially after the Covid situation in the country that has put the country in the circle of debts and uncertainty. Talks on statehood for Jammu and Kashmir and ease of pressure on Pakistan-backed separatist groups is only areas, India is willing to restrict its talks since talks are still between intelligence agencies and intel agencies can’t commit on political guarantees that Bajwa wants on demography change restrictions.

It’s rumored that Americans are keen on having some level of military bases in the area so that it can keep an eye on Afghanistan after its withdrawal from the country after a 20-year war with the Taliban and Pakistan is the preferred country, but they won’t be able to continue with their plans if India and Pakistan relationship remains at war over Kashmir. American base deal could fetch Pakistani billions off dollars from revenue for leasing of the base like it did after 2001 and had helped its economy remain stable even when Afghanistan was at war.

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