Aerial IQ, an Indian aerospace solutions provider specializing in the domain of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) has completed an extended 18-hour endurance test at 42 deg Celsius of its Aviral – Tethered Drone Platform. According to Aerial IQ, Aviral is immune to counter-drone systems and operates remotely, and boasts of having a high payload capacity that is adaptable to different payload options such as camera sensors (EO/IR), tactical radios, communication, etc

Aviral with fully autonomous flight as standard including take-off and landing, the system is easy to use and does not require exhaustive training for operating it. Aviral can be positioned up to 150m tether and comes with possible Vehicle integration possible.

Aerial IQ also has developed Octo RH8 an octocopter variant that offers 40 min flight time that comes with carrying Heavy payload capability that can be used for surveillance and monitoring, delivering.

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