The Visiting Delegation of the Australian Government headed by Dy. PM Richard Marles at INS Hansa, Goa was given a demonstration of the new personal air mobility vehicle ‘Varuna’ a personal air mobility vehicle capable of being launched and recovered from moving ships developed by Indian startup Sagar Defence Engineering and the Naval Innovation & Indigenisation Organisation (NIIO).

Varuna is planned to be used for inter-ship transfer of stores and personnel and can carry out Autonomous take-off and landing even when both the ships are on the move. Varuna already has carried out developmental trials in the sea and further trials are planned.

Sagar Defence Engineering recently won a contract for the development of an autonomous and intelligent underwater swarm of drones that can deliver a weaponized payload on the seabed at a minimum of 60 meters depth. company is also developing unmanned marine vehicle solutions (UMSV) that can be used to patrol patches of pre-designated areas at sea.

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