An explosives-laden car had rammed into a bus carrying security personals in two different countries, in the region, yet both have a direct connection with non-state actors based in Pakistan. Islamic Revolution Guards Corps lost 27 of their security guards near the border with Pakistan which Jaish ul-Adl terrorist group claimed responsibilities for the deadly attack in Iran, while back home killing of 40 Central Police force again using Car-filled explosives, was claimed by Jaish-e-Mohammed both terror organization used the same tactics and both operate from Pakistan’s soil to target neighbors.

Off-late Pakistani Non-State actors have been embodied after the US Government started making plans to withdraw from Afghanistan and hand over power back to the Taliban, which is why there is too much chatter among all terror groups this day due to lax security of the American forces which are very keen to secure a face-saving exit strategy from the region.

Gone are the days, where American armed drones were hunting them down every second day in hot intelligence based pursuit in Pakistan and in Afghanistan. Pakistani military establishment and non-state actors are having a sense of victory in their mind this day and due to these many terror organizations which operate from Pakistani soil are keen to be in limelight with such attacks which will ensure that the Terror export business which is a prime source of money-making opportunity for many warlords and non-state actors in the region.

Major attacks on the two security agencies of two countries who have been wary of the Taliban in the past and have blamed pak based terror groups for past terror attacks in their soil just got the message that with the Taliban coming back in power in Afghanistan, All Pakistan based Terror organizations will soon get their training grounds in Afghanistan back soon and all Pakistani based Non-state actors are feeling like they are ” Back in Business” and it is expected more attacks will be coming in future soon.

Fallout due to poor exit strategic of the United States will have direct ramification for the region and both Iran and India will be the forefront of the countries which will take the maximum brunt of attacks from this terror organization in the region, Pakistan is keen to inflame Kashmir after several years of lackluster support due to American presence and due to increased India security military actions in the region but with America’s Afghan war is all set come to an end soon, Pakistan is only happy to get back its strategic backyard back in its control.

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