New defense reforms to help make the Indian Defence Sector `Atmanirbhar’ just seems to be Old Wine in New Bottle with little or nothing actually for defense sector in India to work from scratch as so-called ” Negative List” which bars Indian forces from acquiring weapons and systems from foreign countries has very limited and insignificant items to be called major reform policy of the government in the Countries defense sectors.

Leaving Artillery systems, the list consists of Ammunitions and Remotely Piloted Drones systems which most of the countries could build locally in the country anyways. The so-called ” Negative List” does not has Fighter jets, Main Battle Tanks, Submarines, or even Assault rifles and other expensive defense items that usually leave a hole in the pocket of the country.

Atmanirbhar in Defence still allows foreign-made weapons to be manufactured locally in India under previous Make In India initiative which was announced years ago and under which India has been manufacturing Assault rifles, fighter jets, Main Battle Tanks and even Submarines under Transfer of Technology (ToT) from foreign vendors at an inflated price with substandard results for decades now by government-owned Public sector companies.

While Many Private sector companies have lauded PM’s Atmanirbhar in Defence but many are still not sure what else is prohibited and major defense company L&T even sought clarity on the list of banned weapons to provide a clear road-map for the Indian industry to build capacity and capability, even Armed forces are allowed to buy foreign weapons under Make In India route then so-called ” Negative List” makes little sense unless high ticket items like Assault rifles, fighter jets, Main Battle Tanks and even Submarines are also included in them.

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