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DRDO plans to commence the trial of the Astra Mk-1 Air to Air missile with an upgraded Seeker that will improve its performance and also lower its weight by a small margin. Mk-1 already has a fully-functional Ku-band active radar seeker that replaced the 9B1103M active radar seeker that was acquired from the Russian radar seeker design bureau used in the Vympel R-77.

Ku-band active radar seeker now has been upgraded with an AESA radar seeker for which it already has commenced fabrication of the new missile with a new seeker for which it might start testing soon and get it ready for production sometime by end of 2024.

AESA-equipped missiles are generally superior to MSA-equipped missiles because they can scan and acquire target tracks much faster, which is critical when a missile’s radar seeker is only turned on seconds (at most, tens of seconds) before it is meant to impact the enemy.

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