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The Assam Regiment and Assam Rifles on Tuesday mourned the death of Sepoy Shwensinlo Semp from the Assam Regiment in a tragic accident in Nagaland. Semp, who was on leave, displayed exemplary courage and rescued a friend from a lake before getting entangled in weeds and bogged down in mud in the lakebed.

His body was fished out of the depths on Monday. Army’s Eastern Command said that the incident occurred at the Nsonji Lake in Tsimenyu, Nagaland, close to which Semp and his friends were enjoying a picnic.

“A friend stepped into the water but was dragged in due to the eddies. Without caring for his own safety, Semp jumped into the water and succeeded in pulling out his friend. He was unable to surface though as his feet had been rendered immobile,” the army said.

Army said that the heartfelt incident underscores the profound commitment of soldiers to protect and serve, even at great personal risk.

“Sep Shwensinlo’s sacrifice serves as a poignant reminder that their readiness and valour have no limits. His courageous act exemplifies the spirit of selflessness and bravery that defines our armed forces, inspiring us all,” the army said.

Assam Rifles collaborated with civil authorities, including the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) to recover the soldier’s body from the lakebed.

“In this time of profound loss, The Assam Rifles extends its deepest condolences to Sep Shwensinlo’s family and loved ones. We mourn the loss of a true hero whose actions exemplified the highest ideals of military service. Sep Shwensinlo Semp’s legacy will forever be honoured and remembered for his unwavering commitment to duty and his comrades,” the Assam Rifles, which conducted the wreath-laying ceremony, said.