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Defence Secretary, Department of Defence R&D and Chairman, Samir V Kamat visited the Defence Research Laboratory (DRL) in Assam’s Tezpur on May 23 and said that cutting-edge technologies are crucial to bolstering the nation’s strength and self-reliance.

The DRDO chief emphasised the importance of reformation and transformation to optimize the performance of an R&D organisation, stating that cutting-edge technologies are crucial to bolster the nation’s strength and self-reliance.

According to the Defence Public Relations Officer (PRO), Guwahati, “Dr DV Kamboj, Director of DRL, provided an insightful overview of DRL Tezpur’s pivotal role and notable achievements during the event.”

“The DRDO chief was briefed about the laboratory’s pivotal role and significant achievements and expertise in areas such as vector control, water quality enhancement, pharmaceutical technology and bio-waste management,” it said.

The laboratory officials outlined the laboratory’s new R&D directions, which include soldier support for jungle warfare, signature mitigation and entomological biothreat prediction and mitigation, it added.

Meanwhile, seeking to give top priority to expanding the defence technology base of the country, DRDO reforms have been included in the 100-day agenda of the government after the elections.

The government had set up a committee with retired military officers and industry experts under a top scientist to suggest reforms in the structure of the research agency to make it more output-oriented and to promote a defence industrial and technological base in the country.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation headed by Dr Samir V Kamat has made presentations to the government at senior levels and further progress would be made only after the new government formation.

“The reforms of the DRDO would continue and have now been made a part of the 100-day agenda of the government. Presentations have been made at senior levels and DRDO has been told to work on it,” top defence officials told ANI.

The DRDO is also working towards implementing reforms and focus on core military technology area.