An Argentine Air Force delegation that includes pilots and technicians has traveled to China to evaluate the capabilities of the Sino-Pakistani fighter JF-17 Thunder, one of the main candidates to provide the Argentine Air Force (FAA). The Argentinian delegation carried out different technical evaluation stages that included the use of simulators, cockpit practices, and evaluation flight tests.

JF-17 Thunder is equipped with British manufactured ejection seats by Martin-Baker Aircraft Co that will be replaced by local Chinese-made ejection seats due to the British arms embargo on Argentine. The Argentinian delegation might visit India after Argentine Air Force visits Denmark to evaluate the present conditions of the dozen F-16A/B MLUs that were formally operated by the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) and are on offer to Argentina.

HAL’s commercial offer already includes the proposal of swapping Martin-Baker Mk.16 Seats with either Russian Zvezda K-36DM “zero-zero” ejection seats or with Collins Aerospace developed legacy ACES II ejection seats that are currently equipped on F-16 fleet worldwide. HAL will need to modify the Emergency Escape System Sequences in the aircraft which will require recertification trials.

Kfir NG and Tejas Mk1A along with JF-17 and F-16A/B offers are currently being examined by the Argentine Air Force. last year Argentine Air Force, Brigadier General Xavier Isaac confirmed receiving a proposal from HAL for the sale of LCA-Tejas Mk1A.

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