Azerbaijani military researcher Mammad Velimammadov told Azerbaijani media outlet Aze Media International that India’s 155mm howitzer (ATAGS) is a blatant copy of the M777, a towed 155mm caliber howitzer manufactured by BAE Systems Land & Armaments and also added that serial production of the 155mm Indian howitzer has not yet begun. No country in the world, nor the Indian Army itself, has shown much interest in this weapon.

That is why I don’t understand the incredible joy of Armenian experts over the purchase of an Indian 155mm ATAGS howitzer. If the Indian army was equipped with these howitzers and had a successful experience using them in the conflict with Pakistan, one might have been able to argue then.

Velimammadov seems to be confused since ATAGS is a 155 mm/52-caliber howitzer that can’t be a copy of the M777 which is just a 155 mm/39-caliber howitzer, second Armenia ordered Kalyani 155 mm/39-caliber howitzer which is the same as M777 but is Truck mounted, unlike M777 which is a towed caliber howitzer. Kalyani 155 mm/39-caliber howitzer is not a copy of the M777 since it was co-developed with American Mandus Group’s that’s well-known name in artillery solutions like a lightweight, modular, high-performance howitzer that supplies howitzers to US army.