According to a report in, Indian Private sector company Tonbo Imaging developed Electro-optical (EO) fire-control system named Elpeos will be integrated into a new variant of the Indian Army’s Arjun Mk-1A main battle tank (MBT) that was ordered last year.

Electronic video stability and integrated automatic target tracking are two features of the Elpeos system. It has a stabilizing system based on a gyroscope that counteracts vibrations and produces steady images. To minimize the soldier’s involvement, the technology automatically recognizes and monitors several targets. User participation is reduced as a result of the system’s analysis of the photos to locate the target of interest within a particular area.

It incorporates a laser rangefinder (LRF), a ballistic computer, a color high-definition (HD) charge-coupled device (CCD) camera, and a cooled medium-wave infrared (MWIR) imager. The integrated LRF’s direct delivery of target data to the fire-control system has a 6-kilometer range.

It also features inbuilt electronic video stabilisation and video target tracking capability. It optionally can incorporate Tonbo’s state of the art Sensor FUSION technology that intelligently fuses the videos from IR and Day cameras in real time, combining critical spectral information from IR with the Visible day camera further enhancing the situational awareness.

Designed to survive shock of upto 0.50caliber (12.7mm) weapons and qualified as per MIL-STD-810G / 461F. It is an ideal solution for on the move or fixed remote controlled weapon stations for land and naval applications.

It has been field tested on 12.7mm land and naval stabilised remote controlled weapon station (SRCG).


  • Integrated Sensors
    • Day Imager
    • Cooled MWIR Thermal Imager
    • Laser Range Finder
  • Integrated video target tracker
  • Integrated ballistic computer
  • Shock for upto 0.50 caliber weapons (12.7mm)
  • Easy Integration


  • 7.62 RCWS
  • 12.7mm RCWS
  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance

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