A team of Argentinan officials is likely to visit the LCA-Tejas production line in Bengaluru for an in-depth inspection of the HAL facility and to also get a detailed presentation of the LCA-Tejas aircraft on offer to the Argentine Air Force (FAA). Argentinan officials last month confirmed that JF-17, LCA-Tejas, and F-16 are three contenders that are under active consideration.

HAL officials have already visited the facilities of FAdeA, a national company where the future fighters could be assembled for orders that goes beyond 18 units. HAL has assured the replacement of an Ejector seat of British origin, nose cone, and In-flight refueling probe that is compatible with the FAA’s existing refueling aircraft.

Argentinian officials while on the visit to the LCA-Tejas production line will be given access to LCA-Tejas simulators and also access to FOC Standard LCA-Tejas aircraft.

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