Argentinian Air force officials led by the Argentine Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Juan Paleo will be visiting the DefExpo in Gandhinagar and another team of Argetinain pilots will later accompany them to Bangalore where they will be given access to the LCA-Tejas fighter jet and also to the Prachand Light Combat Helicopter.

Argentinian Air force officials before their India visit requested access to the Prachand Light Combat Helicopter which was granted by the HAL. A demo flight including one with Argentinian Air force officials has been planned for both LCA-Tejas and Prachand.

Argentinian Air force officials will also be given a tour of the HAL’s manufacturing facility including that of the LCA-Tejas simulator. Argentina plans to procure 12 Supersonic fighter jets for which it has narrowed down its search to three candidates. LCA-Tejas is offered by India, JF-17 is offered by China, and Ex-Danish F-16 is offered by the United States of America.

Argentinian Air force officials will also be getting detailed briefings on how HAL plans to replace British-origin equipment and parts from the LCA-Tejas that will be offered to Argentina.

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