Argentinean officials believe that US-manufactured ejection seats like ACES II which is manufactured by the Collins Aerospace division of Raytheon Technologies (RTX) will be ideal for which ever fighter jet they might procure instead of going for Chinese or Russian ejections seats on jets that are offered. India had agreed to replace the LCA-Tejas Mk1A British Martin Baker Ejection seat with Russian-supplied ones and the Chinese had agreed to do the same and replace the British Martin Baker Ejection seat with a locally developed Chinese ejection seat.

Argentine jet trainer manufacturer FAdeA has equipped its new IA-63 Pampa III trainer/light attack aircraft with American The Universal Propulsion CoS-III-S3IA63 zero/zero ejection seats and operations have been smooth so far due to which preference for the American ejection seat is growing but it is not clear if they have issues only with Russian ejection seats or also with Chinese ejection seat that might put both LCA-Tejas and JF-17 bid in the back seat since Americans are also offering used F-16s to Argentina.

Its to be seen if HAL selects an American or Russian Ejection seat for Argentina to deal, before that it will need to change the firing sequence and make design changes to the aircraft canopy, and also create special training and repair manuals for the ground crew before it can be recertified for the new ejection seat.

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