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Top defense officials from Argentina last month visited LCA -Tejas Division in the HAL facility in Bengaluru and as per media news coming in Argentina had asked for a hands-on trial of the Indian fighter jet by their top pilots which is likely to happen sometime in 2023.

Argentina has conveyed that it wants a trial process and evaluation process before it finalizes a jet. Argentina has shortlisted 3 fighter jets for its initial requirements for 12 fighter jets which are the Danish F-16, Chinese JF-17, and Indian LCA-Tejas, and wants its Test Pilots to perform evaluation flight Trials.

It claimed that similar requests also have been made to the Chinese for their JF-17s that are on offer for which Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) plans to field a WS-13 equipped prototype of the JF-17 not an RD-93 powered engine.

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