ADE Director Dr. S Venugopal speaking to Dr. Anantha Krishnan Tarmak Media House has said that Rustam-1 SR ( Short range)-UAV that was developed to be a testbed for the bigger MALE Class Rustam-2 is an excellent UAV, to begin with, and it was later decided that the DRDO developed air to surface missile system for the UAV Class will be integrated into the UAV that is now been called Archer.

Venugopal said that the advantage of Archer and Rustam-2 is that both use the same avionics and systems including LRUs and Ground stations that can operate both UAVs with a switch of software that will reduce maintenance and logistics issues for the squadron that will be operating both classes of drones from its base.

Venugopal also said that Archer is of the same class as the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Armed drone that recently played a great role in Azerbaijan’s recent war with Armenia over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh after which Bayraktar became an instant hit and many countries have procured them or in process of procuring them.

In one to one comparison of the Specification of the two drones both have similar takeoff weight and payload capacities of 720kg and 90kg respectively but Bayraktar is not only combat-proven but has been inducted into the Turkish Military from 2014 and is widely exported where Rustom-1 or Archer is yet to taste similar backing from Indian Armed forces ruined Defence Expert Ranesh Rajan.

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