Krishna Rajendra Neeli, Group Director (AMCA-Prog) in an interview with ” The Week ” Weekly magazine has revealed that AMCA Mk2 will have a top speed of around 2600kmph (2.15 Mach) and a combat range of 1620km this will make AMCA the fastest 5th generation fighter jet among all fighters that are classified as 5th generation fighter jet. Till now AMCA specification was always shown as 2222.64kmph (1.8 Mach), this is for the first time it is confirmed that it will be a Mach 2 fighter jet.

ADA also confirmed that AMCA Mk1 will be 70% indigenous and AMCA Mk2 will be 90% indigenous only major imported component will be the Martin-Baker Ejection seat in Mk2. ADA plans to roll out the first AMCA in 2026 followed by four more AMCA that will cost 900 crores each initially, but the prices will fall when it enters full-scale production but it is still cheaper than Rafale which was brought for Rs 920 Crores each.

ADA has requested 15000 crores for the AMCA development from the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) and is confident that approvals will come anytime soon. When compared to F-22 and F-35 development program costs, AMCA developmental cost is merely just over 9% of these two programs.

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