Fairoza Naushad, an Avionics engineer for the AMCA program in an interview with ” The Week ” Weekly magazine said that AMCA will be getting an Electronic Pilot feature that will be a mission pilot who will instruct flying pilot. mission pilot is a term usually referred to the air commander of an aircraft that is in charge of the aircraft, it is not clear if that is what she means but the Electronic Pilot feature will come as an aid to the actual pilot in the gauging of the situation around him and help him in making better choices in the mission to meet his objectives.

Naushad claims that AMCA pilot with help of electronic pilot will be able to carry out deep strike missions without requiring any ground support.

AMCA Mk2 will feature Automated takeoff and landing (ATOL), Auto air-to-air refueling (Auto AAR), and Remote Piloting features that will require a high level of Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that is already incorporated in the aircraft.

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