Upcoming changes and the final design revisions seem to have been frozen for the development and manufacturing of India’s 5.5th generation AMCA fighter jet that will be confirmed at the upcoming Aero India 2021 and noticeable design changes can be seen which defers from previous official design rendering showcased and made available to the Public as the program gains momentum and is entering final stages of securing official funding for the Phase-I of the program.

Nodal design agency Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) had confirmed the adaption of the Diverterless Supersonic Inlet (DSI) air inlet design principle to reduce weight and also lowers the frontal radar cross-section (RCS) and the same can be seen in the above image. DSI has been adapted to increases the performance of the aircraft and also make it more Maintenance friendly.

Other noticeable design changes are the forward-swept intake cowl and the smooth hump blended surface between the intake and the fuselage to reduce exposure to radar waves. In the latest design revision of the AMCA, also can be seen are large horizontal tails for Low wave drag.

Engine position has been moved further in for a better rear thermal reduction and also keeps space for a new upgraded 110kN Thrust engine for the Mk-2 variant since it might come with a thrust-vectoring nozzle module. The internal carriage design of AMCA has been further improved. The main landing gear has also been moved further.

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