India’s first and probably only 5.5 Generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) program currently underway, is now heading towards final design phase with many key notable changes in the design which is now nearing completion and now features new 3D Diverterless Supersonic Inlet (DSI) compared to a conventional intake sported in earlier scale and graphic rendering of the AMCA.

While exact radar cross-section (RCS) of AMCA will be classified, further RCS reduction measures have been carried out which full fills all the concept of stealth but its the next generation homegrown avionics and electronics including its gen-next weapons and ability to be used as a manned, unmanned, stealth and non-stealth modes which make it more lethal then current 5th generation fighter jets.

DRDO Chief and seniors have often refused to compare AMCA with other 5th generation fighter jets developed by other countries in the past, but has been informed that AMCA Mk2 will be better than Chinese J-20 and J-31 Stealth fighter jets and comparable to the American F-35. Technological benchmark being set by both developers and operators is to develop a jet that is as capable as an F-35A in stealth and much more in avionics and other technology.

Once the design has been frozen, a full-scale model of the AMCA will be developed by VEM Technologies which will be used to measure RCS measurements at the outdoor Radar Cross Section (RCS) Test facility of DRDO at Chitradurga be the end of this year and the final design will be showcased for the first time by the end or in early 2021.

Diverterless Supersonic Inlet (DSI) is also being planned for upcoming MWF-MK2 and TEDBF/ORCA programs, while it skips Tejas Mk1 and Tejas Mk1A due to negligible benefits. DRDO also has developed new Radar observant paint for the AMCA program which will also be used on the MWF-MK2 and TEDBF/ORCA programs.

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